Advanta Supplements All Natural Diuretic, a water pill that aids in eliminating water retention has been awarded the Amazon Choice Badge among all the other diuretic supplements on Amazon. This can be considered as a great accomplishment of for Advanta Supplements as the Amazon Choice Badge is awarded based not only on the reviews that it has gotten on Amazon but also based on the performance of both the product and the company.

The Advanta Supplements Natural Diuretic has served as the solution for people who are suffering from water retention. Not only does it promises water retention to be removed naturally but it also promises a safe removal, especially as potassium is added for safety. The company even offers an empty bottle guarantee in which a full refund is given to customers who has not been satisfied with it.

“We are honored to receive this designation from Amazon. It represents our dedication and commitment to our customers to provide affordable, quality products to improve health. Our all natural diuretic has been proven to reduce excess water safely and naturally.”- Advanta Supplements said. “Acquiring this badge only demonstrates our efforts to offer natural products that have shown to provide health benefits to our customers.”

In celebration of the great news of the Amazon Choice Badge being awarded to the company, the company has a special offer to their loyal and beloved customers. To be more specific, they are offering a 20% discount on their all natural Diuretic, allowing their customers to enjoy great savings from purchasing their products. The only thing that the customer needs to do is to enter the coupon code of ADVANTAD during their checkout at Amazon. To take advantage of this offer, go to:

About Advanta Supplements
Advanta Supplements is a company located in the heart of Iowa. The company has partnered up with labs that have been approved by the FDA to develop, test and manufacture a line of quality vitamins and nutritional supplements including the Advanta Supplements Natural Diuretic that has been awarded the Amazon Choice Badge. Also, to ensure the quality of their products, all of their products are made in the U.S. and they are also backed by a complete satisfaction guarantee.

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